April 26, 2010

Village bread, cheese and olives

I am sitting in a room full of boxes, reflecting on things that happened recently. Boxes, because I am moving. Remember the village I mentioned in my other post... the town I am moving to is actually pretty close to that village. I don't remember myself looking forward to a move this much before!

It was July 2009 I stepped into a full time job at private sector adventure right after the graduation - and quit about two weeks ago. Somewhere, someone in this world has used that exact period of timing to birth her baby. And I, like a pregnant mother - not to underestimate the greatness of it - learned a lot at the job. I didn't get to see the baby walk her first steps though! I couldn't, given that I had to move due to family relocation.

I'd ideally like to work related to / for / with LGBTQ community. I've thought about the pathways. It could be as in get experience as an intern, then proceed from there. Or I could get a Master's degree in Gender Studies. Each option has its own differing probability at the time of writing them down. So I figured myself a way that'd probably make me very happy IF I could accomplish getting there. However, I am just going to be open to any opportunities that arise along the way. If one insists on only accomplishing a certain goal, it might not always work out as expected.

Speaking of which... if I could just go to Spain and blog the culinary wonders from there... Mmm. Don't get me excited just yet.

I got carried on...

Back to topic!

Since most of our stuff is packed - that includes everything in kitchen - and I can't cook... I am just enjoying simplicity in my diet for now.

Back to village bread, cheese and olives.

Some typical must have components of Turkish breakfast - except for I am consuming them at 00:08 am at the moment! Such an early-bird eh.

Catch up with you soon!

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