November 15, 2009

Little India In My Tummy

Tum kaise ho?

I don't know you, but I deeply missed murmuring from this corner of mine.

Another farmer's market day. I happened to decide going there when I was already out & about, just after a rare meeting with dad. Where art thou, lovely backpack, to carry my fresh produce? So I did some strategical shopping to only get stuff I really needed - noone knew I was on this secret mission.

Broccoli was the only veggie I craved for; but I still got other stuff too : celery roots, arugula, mint, tomatoes, white potatoes and some cheese mm.
It's been a while I barely cooked stuff that would treat my spice loving tummy.
So the re-union should have been a veggie feast - little India if you will - in my tummy!
Washing broccoli, trimming stalks and cutting through florets... my! Placed the florets and carrots I sliced on my metal steamer carefully. Sliced some garlic cloves, threw some into the cooking pan and some on florets. Filled up the pan with some water, watching the garlic slices swim. Dreamy at this point, anticipating the outcome.

Spices - de la must use items in my cooking, I sprinkled some over veggies to be steamed: Masala mix which had turmeric, ginger, nutmeg, cardamom etc, red pepper flakes, thyme. Put the lid on and watch the steam dance. Joy... joy... pure joy.

In the meantime I went exploring into cupboards and fridge, and I spot this can of coconut milk my colleague gave me. Opened the can and what do I see, coconut... cream! I don't usually open a can of coconut milk and find coconut cream instead. For one, I never had coconut milk in a can before and secondly it's amusing to put it this way now - I know I am seriously distracted.

Though I - am - trying.

To bake some sense -_-

When broccoli florets were good to eat, in few minutes, I removed the steamer and poured coconut milkish cream and stirred it to get some sort of sauce out of it. No idea. Got some cheese, and walnuts to go along oh also yogurt. Not even going into the nutrition levels of those stuff all together. Especially that coconut milk... I'll take that it has not raised my colestherol levels at all. "Who'd have thought Coconut Nutrition would be controversial" ... It will have no effect on me until scientists come to an agreement.

Time's running late and while I wish I could've actually shared a little something, this too felt assuring, well maybe I will keep coming back to my corner here every now and then.
Feel that little ease now, simply by attempting to rekindle this blogging affair.

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  1. You get back into it. Give it some time. ;-D Aside from that Broccoli is way awesome. A nice way to change up the flavors to a simple steamed version.


You could feedmeback! I still appreciate it even if it's too spicy. Spice is good.

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