March 01, 2009

Miu's Veggie Feast Soup (Tastes Like Rasam Soup!)

Actually, I had no intention of cooking another version of many existing Rasam soup recipes. When I tasted, my initial impression was that I am familiar with this... but howcome? Didn't I just experiment and randomly bring some veggies together to find out how they'll compliment each other? Flashback to 2006. I was visiting India then... during the time I stayed and worked in New Delhi, I favorited a South Indian restaurant named "Banana Leaf". Along with masala dosa (oh... drool) they'd serve coconut chatni and rasam soup. I didn't know the name of this so nutritious, delicious soup then. I must have been so indulged in making my tummy happy. Anyhow, upon tasting this soup I cooked recently... a lot of memories came back to me.

What you need: Since it's yet another veggie dish, obviously a variety of veggies. In this one my combination included zucchini (1), green bellpepper(2), carrot(1), corn(3 tbs), celery(1 head), onion(1), garlic(2head), tomato paste(1 tbs), water, olive oil (2 tbs), fennel seeds, black cumin seeds, grounded black pepper, salt, ginger, cardamom and nutmeg.

How to:
This was fairly easy. All veggies should be cut/diced into the easiest way their original shapes allow - either strips or cubes on that matter. Olive oil goes into heating pot first. Right after follows the veggies - due to my preference I let onions caramelize a bit at first then let all remaining veggie bits at once since I was kind of going to stir fry and simmer to get them soften later on so it didn't matter. Constantly need to stir. After that follows the addition of tomato paste mixed with water (ratio 1:2) sauce addition. It's time to spice it up now that the water creates steam. See, it was easy. The taste? Much more satisfying than expected.

& Vermicelli rice was good company to my soup.

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