April 08, 2009

Baby Spinach, Pistacchio, Yogurt & Banana Spread

As we had more baby spinach after making the baby spinach pasta with turkish yogurt, I decided I'd make use of it in a nutritious way. Since we had whole grain rustic bread, I knew it had to be consumed with bread. I get the idea when food processor catches my eye.
It was breakfast time, might as well boost the nutrition then. Ingredients I had were:

That's it. Oh also another surprise (not that necessary but it was that time of month) ingredient: Chocolate chips!

Rest is all few seconds long chopping/pureeing job. Enjoy it like I did!


  1. What a great breakfast idea! Can't wait to try it!

  2. It sounds good and healthy..

  3. Our 'stachios are threatening to salmonella right now, so we have to hold off on eating them. Boo. :(

  4. Steven, I hope it helps you have a good start to your day!

    Mahesh, hi! I'm guessing you're Vrinda's husband? Glad to see you on my page. It's great what a food processor can do... because I don't think I'd put those ingredients together otherwise!

    Chrystal, eek... Feel free to replace it with nuts of your choice. I'd love some pecan nuts now oh...

  5. Looks fantastic, just got a bag of pistachios in my CSA basket so should be set!

  6. At first, I thought this might be a dressing or dip but I like the idea of spreading it on bread (everything tastes better on bread!). Maybe with a little bit of honey, too . . .

  7. oysterculture: there you go, all set for a nutrition boost.

    Tangled Noodle: you're actually right! i thought it wasn't consistent enough to make a spread out of that mix... but i would either consume it with a)bread b)spicy chips so.. :) it might even work better as dressing, or dip.
    but bread spread wasn't bad either. honey is a good idea, it would help make it more creamy... keeping in mind.

  8. What a creative and tasty spread. Looks great.

  9. i'm so curious! I have to try this!


You could feedmeback! I still appreciate it even if it's too spicy. Spice is good.

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