April 25, 2009

Mingling Feel : Homemade Unripened Fig Jam, New Guinness Record & Spring In My City

I am back home from my trip to sister's town. Let me tell you how it was... On the day I'd arrived, I was hoping to attend this food festival during which a new Guinness record would be set. All about food! I had to be there. Approximately three hours behind my plan, I arrived there excitedly. Leaving my bags but camera, I literally dragged mom, sister and her partner to the festival area - impatient at that point. As we approach, the music gets louder. Feeling festive... Imagining all the yummy food...

Wait a minute.

That's when I realized we're all actually standing on an almost empty festival area. There's plastic forks, empty plates but FOOD!

Apparently, it went all so fast. Just a matter of getting there 3 hours earlier - would I get a visual feast. Boo, no food tasting or fancy photos.

On a brighter note, we hold the record for the world's biggest open buffet for now. I found a website in my language and I was hoping to pass a link of its translated version but it didn't work well, or make sense in English. So, I'll just mention myself...

Guinness Record For The World's Biggest Open Buffet to Kusadasi, Turkey 2009

Photo credit: Guinness World Records, http://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/tr/recent_records_4.aspx

400 hundred cooks participated in preparations of 1028 dishes - %90 percent of them being Turkish. Guinness director Kelly Garrett from London was present for the record attempt. Tasted all the dishes beginning from early morning hours, and granted the new record to Kusadasi, Turkey. (Shout out to Tangled Noodle here - Wouldn't we both wish to be in Garrett's place!) The previous record holder was Arizona, US with 601 dishes.

What an event!

Just before the trip, I've been to my neighborhood's weekly farmer's market with mom. Luckily it was such a bright and warm day to enjoy being outdoors. I took my camera with me, and captured freshness. We're able to get fresh produce for reasonable prices all the time - well, compared to other places - but somehow around this time of year; I can appreciate it all much more. The weather improves, so does the mood.

omemade Unripened Fig Jam

I was familiar with fig jam before, but I knew nothing about "how to make it" part. Mom got unripened figs at our recent grocery shopping at local farmer's market. The fruit didn't seem inviting at all... but I'm glad mom insisted on buying it. I made a collage to show preparation steps. Turned out quite easier than expected!

Mom let me learn it, I'll pass how she taught me.

  • Picture 1: Remove the stems using a knife
  • Picture 2: Make a cut on bottom as I show
  • Picture 3: Collect all figs (1 kg... makes app 2 lbs I think) in a bowl and wash
  • Unpictured: Pick a pot for jam making and fill with water two fingers above figs
  • Bring to a boil, remove the water and refill while figs are still in x 3 times(It's done because of figs being unripened)
  • The fourth time, fill water into pot just the same but this time add sugar too
  • Mom said that usually the measurement ratio goes 1:2 but we agreed not to use that much sugar this time, so 750 gr sugar went into pot (still so much for some out there... but there'splenty of DIY instructions online)
  • When it brings to a boil, add vanilla extract for a flavor boost and let boil till it thickens a bit naturally
  • Picture 4: Pour jam into glass jars while hot and let cool.
  • Picture 5: Whole figs oozing with flavor...


limpses from a day I enjoyed a lot

When mom and I were done with the grocery shopping, we took a different walking route home - glad we did. It was so warm and relaxing as we were passing through a small park, we sat on the grass to enjoy it. Meanwhile, I looked around and captured the invigorating.

Feeling quite hungry, we couldn't help snacking on some delicious bread & olive.

Oh zucchini...

When we were rested enough, it was time for going back home. This daisy I found:

Now the water is quite weak... There's been times it's overflown during rains.

Looking at this... I was reminded of India memories in a flash. Back to 2006 summer now. My then roommate and I were staying in New Delhi, and that one day we took a trip to Old Delhi with all the historical sightseeing places in it. I am not quite sure where I took the photo below... Maybe Firoz Shah Kotla - but the point is, it's interesting how the brain works...

Walking towards home, I spot amazing flowers:

Take a trip somewhere near, with a lot of green... It's rejuvenating. I wish we'd have less apartments and more green in the city, but with the hills already being covered up with construction sites - any chance, any glimpse of green you get works wonders. And now I am reminded of the US visits, how my boyfriend took me to places.

I am glad there's a lot of things to miss.


  1. I have no idea that you can even eat unripe fig. I actually have fig tree in my back yard, and it is fruiting at the moment. Still unripe, not sure if I want to try to make unripe fig jam, maybe I should?

  2. Hey Elra, how're you doing?
    It was quite the new thing for me as well, but turned out quite nice.

  3. I never been muc of a fig fan, I guess it's just I haven't eaten many of them.

    It would have been cool if you made it to that festival. All that delicious food. You pictures look lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love figs! And have always wanted to make my own jam. So delicious! And all of that food-over 1,000 dishes is quite amazing! Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos!

  5. What a wonderfully rich post, fig jam, New Delhi, the Guinness Book of World Records. I love the way that some mundane activity may trigger a memory to a wonderful experience or travels to some place half way round the world. For me, it was a trail run in Marin (just north of San Francisco) I thought this was rather like hiking in New Zealand but without the goats.

    I love figs and will have to try making this jam. We have a great Mediterranean shop nearby that I suspect would have the figs.

    As to the Guinness World Record contest, please let me know if they ever do something like this again, as I'd make travel plans.

  6. Thanks for the shout out, Ozge! We should try to find out how to get Ms. Garrett's job the next time. Congratulations to Kusadasi for attaining the world record - it nearly doubled the old one! That is so amazing.

    Speaking of which, your photos are lovely - thank you so much for sharing them. It has gotten much warmer here so the trees are beginning to bud and blossom and some plants are starting to peek out of the soil. I'm looking forward to more walks and hikes with Mr.Noodle to enjoy the springtime.

    As for the fig jam, what a great recipe! I don't know if I can find unripe figs here - would it still work with ripe figs? I'd love to try it . . .


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