April 12, 2009

Spicy Marinated Beef w/ Mushrooms and Mozzarella Cheese

Red meat mostly visits our pots rather than pans which mean we use it as a side ingredient in a main dish, less in quantity so to speak. The price range of course plays a big role in that, but I think we would still stick with our Turkish dishes that "feature" red meat given the condition it was made more budget-friendly. We have a big variety of savory dishes featuring red meat in Turkish cuisine.

As a change, I decided that red meat would get the main role for dinner. While I was shopping for it, I explained that I'd like to marinate it with spices and then cook slowly. Satisfied with my shopping, I was back home. Checking on the spices I had; cayenne pepper, grounded black pepper looked the most appealing among others. We had fresh garlic, it was definitely going in. Olive oil a must, said the Mediterranean in me. So, the plan was set! In a container, I poured olive oil to cover the base, one layer meat and spices & chopped garlic over it, then other layer of meat.. just like this, I stacked all four layers - making sure each layer could absorb the marinate sauce well over night. It rested a night and I took a picture of my ingredients for this dish:

- Mushrooms washed, beef marinated, fresh garlic cloves and some mint leaves ready

Additionally, I used rings I cut from half an onion to go in with meat and mushroom on the pan and some mozzarella cheese at the end for extra flavor which are not in the picture.

- I didn't let cheese melt, so we could distinguish flavors better

Cooking was easier than I predicted. I placed marinated beef on a non sticky pan, mushrooms as whole, garlic cloves, onion rings all together. I lowered the heat as much as possible because we enjoy beef well done; so it'd cook slow but just give us the taste we crave. I mostly left the cooking do itself, but occasionally stirred and meanwhile couldn't keep patient. The smell it released was so good to a mesmerizing point. When I made sure that it was done, I thinly sliced mozzarella cheese and just spreaded over beef. We like mushroom & melted mozzarella in the oven a lot, so featuring cheese would remind us of that taste, I thought... Here is the dish:

- Close up of mushrooms

- Spicy Marinated Beef w/ Mushrooms and Mozzarella Cheese dish, I served with green onion

After getting our protein levels fixed, we returned to our greens. Especially in the region I'm from, we're especially known for our love for greens, herbs. I'm Aegean. The city I live in is named "pearl of the Aegean".

Lastly, a photo I've taken of the coast I reside on from winter which was like a bright spring day with some occasional breeze:


  1. How delicious, I love mushroom and like the beef too. Sounds really good.

  2. looks like a wonderful combination - I think it could only be even better if you were eating eating while looking at the view in the picture at the bottom.

  3. Three things that go very well together: beef, mushrooms and mozzarella. Can't beat that.

    Looks delish!

  4. This sounds yummy. I love having mushrooms with my beef. AND cheese? :)

  5. Elra: Thank you! It was delicious.

    LouAnn: Thank you, hmm maybe I should have a small scale picnic next time I'm on the steamboat then! We're having bright days, so the coast I'm living on exactly looks like in the picture these days. Mood brightener...

    Jenn: I just happened to find that out through random cooking experiment, indeed! Say hi to LA for me...

    Mel: You're my recent friend from Foodbuzz... Welcome here! Cheese was an addition I couldn't escape doing.

  6. This must of been so delicious after marinating it all night. And I love the soft cheese on top, but not totally melted. What a great idea!

  7. Indeed Reeni, olive oil - garlic - spices work well into meat overnight.

  8. Beef,mushroom and cheese nice combination Ozge..Sounds tasty...

  9. I met your mushrooms must have tasted delish..
    I enjoyed the picture view of your city too :)thanks!!

  10. Great one! This would be good on a crusty baguette too. :)

  11. Both the 'before' and 'after' photos look so appetizing! Your cooking is very thoughtful - I must admit that I wouldn't have considered that fully melted cheese might detract from the flavor of the meat.

  12. Vrinda: It was quite the meat fix for a while hehe.

    Ann: Mushrooms were flavorful indeed... Also like them baked or grilled.

    Duo Dishes: I bet!

    Tangled Noodle: Thoughtful cooking... such a great comment!


You could feedmeback! I still appreciate it even if it's too spicy. Spice is good.

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