May 18, 2009

Monday Mischief Smoothie

With Monday we associate a syndrome, new diet or just the beginning of a new week. This time, I choose mischief and bring it together with nutrition in a smoothie. Actually, this is just the result of my random experiment with unrelated looking (to me?) ingredients. Enjoy.

Checking out what raw edible stuff I got, here's what I came up with:

  • dried apricots
  • a banana
  • yogurt (do I ever run out of this...)
  • less than a glass of milk
  • a chocolate bar (mischief part)
  • comb honey

I could have some fruit yogurt, too. Still under the impression of the other smoothie I made, though. So, off into the food processor goes all ingredients above. Checking my spices and herbs; I include some cinnamon, flax seeds, fennel seeds and basil leaves for aroma & nutrition enhancement. There we go... After running the processor a couple rounds till everything inside is smooth enough, I add in the milk and it's ready. Flavorful smoothie that's good for the digestive system. Especially dried apricots, flax seed and fennel seeds being commonly known for it. Although the use of banana here is a regulator against a result that's uncalled for. Hmm next time, I'll leave fennel seeds out of it or maybe just add a small pinch... its pungent aroma was too much for my liking. Possibly it's better off roasted, used as a garnishing to meat dishes, for example. Or, potatos. Or tea! Back to the outcome:

I shall continue the smoothie experiments.


  1. All your ingredients work beautifully together (my favorite one being the chocolate bar, of course). Fennel and basil were two that wouldn't have occurred to me but now I want to try it!

    I can't wait to see what other smoothies are coming our way . . . !

  2. A whole lot of yummy stuff in one smoothie, really tempting.

  3. Tangled Noodle: Dear, make sure you don't over-add them at first try, might taste kind of overwhelming then...

    Poornima Nair: Also makes a great breakfast!

  4. Chocolate=mischief? Never! :) Great smoothie has a bit of everything.

  5. you right that is mischief in a glass...

  6. Chocolate is just a part of life. LOL. Love this idea!!

  7. AnonymousMay 19, 2009

    creative idea! looks freaking delicious. the addition of dried apricots is really interesting!

  8. You mischievous little thing! I love the chocolate in here! And yum! Apricots.

  9. The Duo Dishes: Good kinda mischief! *giggle*

    Ken: Right! But I want more mischief, so experiments shall continue.

    Jenn: Haha! That's a fact, I admit

    Burp & Slurp: Dried apricots there is like what mommy thinks is good for me haha. Not bad.

    Reeni: *blush*

  10. dang thats one solid smoothie...

  11. Smoothie looks yummy.
    I 've something spl for you here please accept.

  12. smoothie looks delicious. First time here. Enjoyed my visit. you have a yummy blog dear.

  13. chocolate in a smoothie? I'm in...

  14. AnonymousMay 20, 2009

    Please continue your smoothie experiment. I love adding fresh herbs to my smoothies, and am incredibly partial to basil. It adds such a nice taste. The chocolate addition is downright decadent so its alright with me.

    PS - thanks for the right up on my blog =)


You could feedmeback! I still appreciate it even if it's too spicy. Spice is good.

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